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This Is Us

Kava Social is a vibrant, inclusive, and colorful place for people to meet and make connections. This unique gathering place encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin, and escape from the traditional bar scene. Kava Social is a bar lounge with an atmosphere conducive for workspace and socializing that brings together people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds. We are here to nurture your social life, offer you a refreshing cup, uplift your mood and help you loosen up. We encourage you to try a plant based beverage because life is better in moderation. Join us in person for a unique experience. Our one-of-a-kind gathering place in Brooklyn, New York, is a social immersion with a community of like-minded people that live simply, explore often, consume mindfully, and share camaraderie.

The Best Vibe in the neighborhood

Kava Social is a unique destination — from bustling day and night hang outs to comfortable seatings for productivity. Kava Social is designed to be an authentic and unique environment to sip and savor the one-of-a-kind experience of our plant alternative beverages, the relaxed way. 

Real People. Real Experiences.

From Our Heart to Your Mind

We began with the premise that every city needs a vibrant gathering place not centered around booze to work, to be creative, to relax, and to be social.  Kava Social was created and inspired for today’s creative nomads, tech entrepreneurs, and for the sober curious. 

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