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Established January 2020

Kava Social is a friendly gathering place with a cool vibe in the boroughs of New York City, and top-rated kava bar Williamsburg.  Our Brooklyn kava bar and lounge is designed for relaxation and wired for productivity. Introducing old traditions to new friends, Kava Social features plant-based kava paired with complementary hot and cold beverages to enhance your kava experience. Kava Social NYC is more than just a kava bar, it's Your hang to work, to be creative, to unwind and, best of all be social. Lingering is always encouraged - stay and vibe with your tribe. Bula!

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We Use Only The Purest And Finest Products

Kava Social’s menu has a uniqueness all its own setting it apart from common kava. Not only does it feel great, but it also tastes good! Our menu incorporates some of the finest products and ingredients to perfect your kava bar experience. We offer Noble grade artisanal kava, specialty coffee, organic teas and wellness lattes. 

What Is Kava?

Kava is a member species of the pepper plant family (piper methysticum) natively grown in the South Pacific islands. The lateral roots of a mature kava plant aging at least 3-5 years are cultivated, dried, and pounded into a micronized or powder form. Traditionally, kava roots are soaked in water and pulled through a cloth to strain the kava while also activating the kavalactones. This mixture of the dried root with water is commonly just called kava. However, depending on the island or region, kava has several names including awa, ava, kava kava, and in the islands of Fiji, kava is called yaqona. 

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