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Est. January 2020

Kava Social: The place to be seen

The Plants We Drink    I    Zero Proof Cocktails


plant based mock-tails

Kava Social’s menu is grounded in the kava root of the South Pacific and kratom plant of Southeast Asia. Our selection of plant based beverages are rooted in earthy flavors with all-natural ingredients crafted into a modern mock-tail. Drink choices range in preparation and presentation from traditional to edgy concoctions suited for all tastes.



wired for productivity

Kava Social is rooted in a firm belief of life is better in moderation. We thrive on providing a happy balance of work and play, and everything in between. Our various seating options make this bar lounge a versatile space. Kava Social is the place where people can work remotely, and be creative in a highly functional capacity.


home away from home

Kava Social is a vibrant, inclusive, and colorful place for people to meet and make connections. This unique gathering place encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin, and escape from the traditional bar scene.


Nate S.

Kava Social is Brooklyn gem - an incredible community of kind, bright and creative people. I’ve spent my fair share of time over the past 5 years in New York, hopscotching from bars, coffee shops and co-working spaces and can say Kava Social is unequivocally the best community I’ve been a part of.

Sumon S.

From the very first encounter, Kava Social has filled a hole in my life. A place to go after work where like minded creators, entrepreneurs and artists can congregate and feel welcome. Salons were important to New York’s creative renaissance in the past. Kava Social is an important establishment in our community.

Edmund D.

I've lived in NYC for 15 years but only just recently discovered Kava Social. I've never experienced a sense of community in this, or any, city quite like that of KS; the patrons, who hail from diverse and rich backgrounds in tech, finance, music, art, architecture, and a host of other professional backgrounds congregate to exchange ideas and learn from each other. There is no doubt that both the space and the roots which they serve drive this culture of intellectual curiosity.

Alex M.

Kava Social has built out a community on the merit of its environment, management/owners and their exceptional staff. As one of the few communal spaces in the city that doesn't require drinking/alcohol KS serves as a lynchpin for NYC residents who don't want their social life to revolve around drinking.

Welcome to the new social.

We, Kava Social®, conduct business with integrity and rigorous standards in all aspects from product to preparation to environment. Our establishment is proudly:


  • An inclusive community gathering place

  • A mocktails alternative bar

  • A safe and clean environment

  • An alcohol-free social meet-up

  • A vibrant lounge for co-working

  • A drug-free hang-out spot​

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